If you've ever had the desire to work for yourself with minimal overhead and expenses, operating a food truck/trailer may be for you. Operating a mobile food operation can be a great way to make a living. Your level of success is under your control (with an occasional local regulation or two thrown in for a little frustration). Generally speaking, your schedule and income are most affected by how active you wish to be, how many high traffic events you can schedule, and the physical effort you, or your staff, can produce. 

The 1776 Grill

Freedom Concessions & Catering

We have developed an operation capable of processing transactions at a rate of 1 - 1.5 per minute over a sustained period of time. 

A transaction includes the time it takes for a customer to;

                                                                                                               1) Place their order

                                                                                                               2) Process their payment, and 

                                                                                                               3) Receive their food

We do not take names and/or make customers wait to receive their food. This pays off well when people see a line moving while others are crawling along. There are almost as many ways to pursue a business with a food truck as there are food trucks. We operate on the K.I.S.S. principle. When operating at peak performance, we are a food factory on wheels. With a simple menu and a quick cooking process, we can move a lot of people through and satisfy a wide range of customers. Some in the industry want to dazzle the world with their culinary wizardry and we encourage each and every operation to do what makes them happy, it's one of the best aspects of the mobile food industry. We choose to serve a limited line up of great tasting items that frequently leads people to stop back by to say, "That's the best _______ I've ever had". However, the configuration of our cooking and service areas offers the ability to adapt a menu for catering or a specialty concession event. From Grilled Wings to Shrimp Tacos to catered weddings, our set up can be modified to offer menu choices in addition to our key items.

If you've had a desire to operate your own business, 

If you think you'd like to pursue your own food truck business, 

If you're in food service now but you'd like to be on your own,

Please consider contacting us at Info@1776Grill.com

We are looking to develop productive working relationships with people across the country. 

We offer the following

​- A working operation with easy replication possibilities

​- The ability to train with our founding location

- Ongoing consultation and business relations

- Systems and structures to help run a smooth operation

-Affordable start up and annual royalties

Your initial investment includes

- A new, wrapped trailer with the equipment necessary for standard operation

- A designated business area consisting of a city/town and 3 - 5 connecting counties

(Additional cities or counties may be added if desired)

- An option to train with our home location

- Immediate assistance with systems & plans

- A dedicated page on our website

Annual Royalties Provide for

- Continued, exclusive, non-competing management of your designated area

- Ongoing consulting services as needed

(Note: There's very little that's realistic about 'reality' shows)